Boat Surveys and Maintenance,
Marina Berth Attendance as Required

All our boat services are based in Portimao, we undertake yacht maintenance, electrical, general repairs, including GRP, to full installation projects, in our faculties in Portimao. If your project is outside the Portimao area, contact us for a free assessment and cost.


Slick Hull offer a Berth Boat Watch Service, if the owners are away, it consists normally of one visit a month to check mooring lines and fenders, in high winds and wave surges we would double check to ensure all mooring lines and fenders are in position to protect your boat. Added to this service if required we can offer onsite boat preparation and cleaning, so your boat is ready on arrival.


Gelcoat scratches and chips in a fibreglass boat are a fact of life, however, there comes a time when even the most hardened boat owner starts to think about making such repairs to maintain the integrity of the hull. Extensive spiderweb cracking, chunks of missing gel or wear and tear to the gelcoat and exposed glass fibre are worth making good.


Slick Hull are known for making such repairs by careful preparation, before the gelcoat application, and sanding and polishing to an immaculate finish to match the existing.


A new service from Slick Hull, tent hire including installation.

Waterproof cover for your entire boat, perfect for doing deck works.
We can also supply tents for boat storage.


Protect your boat for storage and transport. 

Boat wrapping is a popular choice for boat owners because it is durable, weather-resistant, and can be customized to fit any size or shape of boat. It is also an effective way to protect your boat from dirt, dust, and other debris that can accumulate during transport or storage.


We at Slick Hull start with washing of the top sides to remove all surface grit with special wax eco safe soap, this removes all possible the service marks and scuffs then the hull is wiped dry. Once dry we then protect your hull against the elements, we apply a high-quality glaze with a high content in Carnauba waxes. After this we gently polish the paintwork or gelcoat with the finest grade of polish, this will give the surface of the hull an enhanced reflection, with a high gloss finish to be proud of.


We have a dedicated team specialising in the application of paint and varnish to a high standard, we are a centre of excellence for this kind of work to all type’s timber and GRP. We undertake a variety of coating methods, including spraying and hand brushing only using Marine industry-approved paints and varnishes to provide the best possible finish on your yacht.


Our Services include the preparing and antifouling of boats, also preparing and antifouling sail drives, out drives and props. We can also offer Antifoul Removal by either manual, chemical, sand blasting including soda blasting as required. The chemical method is an Antifoul and Paint Removal System – a new de-coating product, which is water borne, worker and Eco friendly, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable, yet capable of removing the toughest Marine Coating Systems.

We are the largest by far CopperCoat applicators in Portugal, this coating performs for many years and is the only available coating which is actually proven to protect hulls from fouling for at least ten consecutive seasons, sounds expensive, but over 10 years it proves much cheaper than using the normal anti fouling products applied yearly. Using this system would simply require a hose down once a year to remove any build-up of sea slime.


Slick Hull specialise in the process of grit blast cleaning or sand blasting, this involves the use of compressed air and an abrasive medium. This form of sand blasting ranges from the removal of rust, corrosion damage, paint and other coatings from the vessels hull, making a good surface for recoating.


Osmosis Treatment is a huge part of Slick Hulls work as we are renown for it in the Algarve, we are carrying out this treatment on boats throughout the year, in our large boat shed, within the Marina complex. The problem of osmosis appears in the form of blisters in the gel coat, which is caused by moisture infiltration behind to the gel coat, causing a chemical reaction forming pressure under the gel coat thus creating blisters. The blisters can appear in small or large form in unprotected fibreglass boats. The osmosis problem can occur at any time dependant on a number of factors these range from the quality of the laminate construction, temperature and type of water. Though years of experience Slick Hull has developed a system for the protection to protect against an osmosis problem recurring, this treatment of the osmosis problem has proven extremely successful.

We treat the osmosis by bringing the boats into our workshop, then start the drying process on the hull by using de-humidifiers and infra-red lights. Once a boat is dry we sheave the hull using 300-gram multi bi-axial mat and solvent free resin, before applying a further 5 coats of gel-protect solvent free epoxy, followed by 1 filler coat and then the application of anti-fouling.







We have specialist team of painters, with experienced technicians in paint surface preparation We are able to achieve a superior mirror paint finish to your yacht. Due to having access to important technical information from our valuable partners, to whom we also act as distributors within Portugal. We have been painting yachts of all sizes since we began, with an exceptional quality in the paint work finish, in the interior and exterior of the yacht. We use AWLGRIP JITUN SYSTEM to all type of top coating.


Whether your boat needs surface repair or a complete refit, Slick Hull is your refitting solution, our management have over 20 years of experience in the yachting industry, we focus on blending European design with advanced technology in marine construction. Slick Hull, offers the best in new techniques and provides new concepts in manufacturing and design. We encourage our clients to give us their thoughts and ideas- from choosing the exact fixtures, décor, and materials to be used.


Slick Hull have an experienced section to asses the condition of your vessel, it can be reassuring to know the condition of your hull, if this is your requirement contact our office. We will undertake a detailed examination of main areas on the hull using the state-of-the-art Sovereign Quantum moisture meter with all area recorded. This meter will check for moisture content in or near the surface of the laminate. It then measures further into the substrate up to a depth of 300mm. This gives the technician a very clear indication of the condition of the hull.


Most marine craft of whatever size constructed in GRP, must have repairs required made during their existence, these include filling and fairing compounds. Production in GRP hulls that emerge from all boat builders’ moulds have a smooth gel coat finish, this high-quality finish is to the skill of the builder’s original shape or 'plug' from which the mould was formed. The same high standard of finish can also be seen in 'one-off' composite racing sailboats. These craft mostly use epoxy rather than polyester resin in their construction and are built over a male plug. All one-off racing sailboats use lightweight epoxy filler mixers and specialize in high performance paint schemes to obtain the necessary high standard of finish.


Our ships carpenters can repair your existing teak deck, including recorking or refit your deck with new teak of the best quality and at an affordable price. Allowing us to replace existing cabinetry with new cabinets making we can make the interior of your yacht a masterpiece. Apart from woodwork our carpentry team also work with Perspex and other plastic materials creating fantastic visual effects both inside and out.


Slick Hull can offer a qualified marine electronics service for repairs to VHF, Radar,  Bow Thrusters, and general marine wiring. We are suppliers and installers of new electrical marine equipment as required, from most major manufactures.

300 TON

50 TON

50 TON


- 50 / 300 Ton Travel Lift, this is the largest in the Algarve

- Slipway

- 20.000 m² of paved area, fenced and lit for parking

- Toilets and Showers


Slick Hull work in conjunction with Certified Service Technicians for a large range of life raft manufactures including: Avon (Coastline and Ocean), BFA, Lifeguard, Plastimo, XM, Zodiac, RFD, Autoflug, Pro-Saver, Ocean Safety ISO, Sea-Safe, Seago, Waypoint , Wetline and Viking.

We also service life rafts used in the commercial sector , covering all makes.


Slick Hull provide an exceptional professional service within all aspects of the marine industry, with the experience in all types of yacht repairs across the Algarve and beyond, from small GRP repairs to full refits.

We at Slick Hull through years of care and service to our customers, many who remain to this day, still continue to give us their instructions, they know we always look after their personal requirement in the manner expect, this attention to giving personal bespoke service has been the main strength and growth of our business through many recommendations and referrals by our customers. We are here to give that service you expect.

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